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Graduate Union


The GU campaigns for and runs activities for student parents and student families in Cambridge.

Can I use the GU?

The Graduate Union is here for all grad/postgrad students in Cambridge, mature undergraduates, members of the Cambridge Theological Federation, and the partners and families of all of the above. You can read more about our membership here.

What can the GU do for me?

  • Events & Activities: Read more about the student activities that the GU runs, or have a look at our calendar of events.
  • Representation: The GU has an elected Families Officer who represents student parents and families to the University and in the student community.
  • Campaigning: We run campaigns to improve provision for student families, and there are always opportunities to get involved.
  • Advice: The Students' Unions' Advice Service is open to all student parents and their families.

Childcare in your College

The University maintains a list of contacts for childcare support in colleges, which is available here.