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MCR affiliation

Middle Combination Rooms

MCRs, or Graduate Student Body, Graduate Society, Students' Union, Graduate Parlor, BA Society, Room or Student Association act with or along side the Undergraduate representation in College's. These pages are aimed at officers of the MCRs, but are open for all to view. 

Affiliated Common Rooms

The Affiliated Common Rooms of the GU are, as of November 2015:

Why affiliate?

Affiliating to the GU forms an important political link between the MCR and the GU. Each affiliiated MCR has a vote at GU Council, and plays a key role in forming GU policy and holding the GU's officers to account. In this way, MCRs can feed the voice of their students up to University level, as the GU officers act as the recognised graduate representatives within the central University. The GU President, and GU-CUSU Welfare & Rights Officer, attend a significant number of central committees to input the views and needs of students; representation is very much at the core of the GU's misison.

How is the level of fee decided?

a fee is no longer charge after an agreement was reached with colleges.