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Living in Cambridge, Content Page

These pages presents information on living in Cambridge, though please bear in mind that this information can quickly get out of date, so do check through the links for the most up to date information.

Food for thought:

The earliest evidence for habitation of Cambridge is located under Fitzwilliam College, and is over 3500 years old.  Cambridge received its town charter before 1131, but was only upgraded to a city in 1951.


Cambridge may be a small city but there is plenty to do when you take a much-needed break.

Despite being small, Cambridge has all the elements of a large city set within a picturesque environment. The University of Cambridge (along with Anglia Ruskin
University) attracts many international students as well as faculty, giving Cambridge an international feel. 

Life in Cambridge follows the seasons of the university. During term, the city is particularly busy because the undergraduate students are in residence. All academic
activities are held within the three eight-week terms. 


During term time you will find yourself attending lectures and conferences, many of which may be unrelated to your course! Cambridge offers many opportunities to broaden your academ

ic horizons. Tourists descend on the city en masse in the spring and summer months, but are present all year round.

Outside of term time, the city quietens down. For graduate students, this gives you time for more intensive research and also for enjoying the city. And if you ever want an escape, London is only a 50 minute train ride away!