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Vice-President Role


The Vice-President will focus on student-facing work (such as organizing campaigns and events) acting as a bridge between students and the university as well as coordinating the work of the elected Part-Time Officers. This will complement the President's University-facing focus on representation and strategy.

As a sabbatical officer, the Vice-President is a full-time salaried member of staff. Candidates will, therefore, need to be free to intermit for a year, or else be finishing their studies this term, to be eligible to run.

Salary: £22,084

Job Description

The Vice-President shall:

  1. report to the President, and with the Executive Committee assist the President with the implementation of Policy;
  2. be the principal officer of the Union for:
    1. community building and student experience,
    2. the provision of services and facilities to the Members,
    3. collaboration with external organisations, and
    4. furthering the Union’s objects through organising events in accordance with Clause 5.3 of the Constitution;
  3. be the Chair of the Executive Committee in accordance with [ref to Schedule B], lead the activities of the Part-time Officers, and facilitate effective communication between the Part-time Officers, the Sabbatical Officers and the Trustees;
  4. be, or appoint a deputy to act as, the secretary of the Council;
  5. seek to involve as many Members in the activities of the Union as possible, and facilitate effective communication between the Union and its Members;
  6. ensure that the Union retains the confidence of as many Middle Combination Rooms as possible, by communicating with the officers of these bodies, and by making the relevant Officers of the Union aware of any dissatisfaction or areas of concern and thereafter taking remedial action;
  7. engage with and support the work of the officers of the Affiliated Common Rooms, and the graduate members of the Councils of the Schools, the Faculty Boards, and similar bodies within Departments and Institutes, and involve them in the work of the Union;
  8. engage with and support the work of any societies or organisations relevant to graduate students of the University where this furthers the objects of the Union;
  9. be a member of the of the Students’ Unions’ Advice Service team but not undertake casework;
  10. normally serve as the Returning Officer for the election of the President, and in this capacity ensure that this election is undertaken and administered in accordance with the Constitution and Schedules;
  11. arrange or conduct training for incoming Presidents and Welfare & Rights Officers, after having taken advice from the outgoing Officers; and
  12. at the direction of the President, attend or serve as a member of any University or inter-Collegiate bodies to represent graduate students’ views and Policy, and report back to the Union.


Any candidate for the role of Vice-President must be a student who is formally matriculated and registered for an approved graduate or postgraduate programme provided by the University of Cambridge (as at 26 September 2018), who has not opted-out of membership of the GU in accordance with the Education Act 1994.

Any candidate for the role of Vice-President and intends to intermit to take office must have the prior permission of their supervisor and/or dept, faculty etc.

The Vice-President will formally take office on 1 January. The winner of the Vice-President election will be expected to take up employment with the GU before taking office, such that a two-week handover period can be conducted during Full Michaelmas Term as an Officer-Elect. 

All those eligible to stand for election to the role of the Vice-President (ignoring the criteria of securing permission to intermit) will be eligible to vote in the election to that post.