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Graduate Union


Students who have rented a gown from the Graduate Union can return their gown by post attached to the Gown Return Form bellow, following the details on the form.

Please note that students will have until 31st December 2020 to return their gown and their will not be late fees. Alternatively, students may choose to keep their rental gown and forfeit their deposit. All questions relating to gown hire should be directed to

Gown Return Form

Gown guide

To find out which type and size of gown you need, please consult our gown guide.

Buying a gown

We sell second-hand BA, BA status, MA and MA status gowns.

Second-hand gowns cost £40. New gowns cost £50. We now accept card and cash. 

Selling a gown

We buy second-hand BA, BA status, MA, MA status, MPhil, MEng, MMath and MSci gowns in good condition for £20.

We can now pay for gowns in cash at the point of sale.

Please note, we do not currently buy undergraduate gowns.

Hiring a gown

We lease out second-hand BA, BA status, MA and MA status gowns for either a week or an entire academic year.

To hire a gown, you will need a cash deposit (not card) of the cost of the gown (£40 for a secondhand gown, £50 for a new gown). We will also need the cost of the rental.

Hire of a gown for a week, is £5. For £15 for the academic year to the 31st July. ( so you will need between £55 and £65 in cash if you are hiring). 

We may not accept the return of a gown that's been damaged.


To buy, hire or sell a gown, visit the GU during opening hours. Please note that we are unable to reserve gowns in advance.