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General Practitioners (GPs)

These are the generalist doctors who are the first person you should talk to about any non-emergency medical problem. You should register with a GP as soon as possible after your arrival. Lists of GPs are available from the phone book, your tutor, their secretaries or the porter’s lodge: they will be able to tell you which is your closest local practice. You might also like to use the online NHS Service Directories to find your nearest doctor. When you register, note the surgery’s opening hours and the name of your individual GP.

The Association of Student Practices, a consortium of General Pratices in Cambridge, has created a website with health information for students, as well as their contact details and information for obtaining help out of hours: visit

National Health Service (NHS)

You are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS if you are:

  • A British subject
  • An EU national
  • A student from any country on a full time course lasting over six months or their dependent

Free healthcare includes free consultations and treatment with GPs and in hospitals, but you may have to pay for prescription medication, dental treatment and some other services. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may also be able to receive these services free or at reduced cost: please see leaflet HC11.


NHS Hospitals

The local NHS Hospital and Accident & Emergency Unit is Addenbrooke’s Hospital:

Addenbrookes Hospital
Hills Road
01223 245151

Accident and emergency departments are only for serious accidents or injuries and life-threatening illnesses. In all other cases, you should consult your GP in the first instance.

Private Hospitals

Private health services are provided by a number of organisations in Cambridge, including Nuffield Health.

College Nurses

Nearly every college has a college nurse who provides a surgery in college – times vary from college to college.

Dental Treatment and the University Dental Service

The University has its own dental service, offering both NHS and private treatment. Students entitled to NHS dental treatment often find it convenient to register with the University Dental Service, as it is centrally located and relatively few dental practices still accept new NHS patients without a long waiting list. Charges for NHS treatment should be the same for all NHS practices. Students are not automatically entitled to free treatment, but may be eligible for free or reduced-price treatment depending on financial circumstances: please see leaflet HC11.

University staff, including research staff and postdocs, are no longer able to register as NHS patients with the University Dental Service: staff may prefer to use the NHS Service Directories to find a local NHS dentist. Private treatment is, however, available from the University Dental Service, and the practice has a dental hygienist.

3 Trumpington Street
01223 (3)32860

If you require routine treatment, make an appointment early in the term if possible. For emergency treatment, phone or call as early in the day as possible. The opening times are Monday-Friday, 9 am – 12.45 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm.