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University Counselling Service

Address: 2–3 Bene’t Place
Lensfield Road
Phone: 01223 332865

While there are many people around who can lend support with decisions and problems we face, the University Counselling Service provides for times when it may be best to seek confidential help outside familiar environments. To make an appointment, you – or someone on your behalf – can call in, phone or email.

The word "Counselling" can seem very loaded, but a counsellor simply aims to help people understand issues concerning them and then to work together with them to find the best way forward. There are both male and female counsellors at the Counselling Service and all are trained and experienced in helping people with various issues, such as anxiety, stress, depression, family or relationship difficulties, sexual problems or identity issues. There is a team of experienced professionals who have a great deal of experience in student related matters. The team includes a Clinical Psychologist who can offer a more directive approach to working with specific psychological problems. If it is appropriate, and after discussion, the counsellors can make referrals to community psychological, therapeutic or psychiatric services. They can also talk through adjusting to a new culture, facing difficult decisions or more specific problems such as addictions, eating problems or self-harming.

Appointments are confidential and open to all students in the University. As well as individual counselling, group sessions are available, both for specific issues and on a more general basis; some of these are arranged specifically for graduate students. If you have any comments on the service, or suggestions, you can contact the UCS directly or via the Graduate Union.


Phone: 01223 744444
Skype: linkline.cambridge
Email: (for general enquiries)
(for support)

Linkline is a student-run listening support service, open from 7pm – 7am every night of full term.

Cambridge Peer2Peer


Peer2Peer is a student-run programme offering confidential, informal support to undergraduates, graduates, and post-docs in Cambridge.

The Peer2Peer supporters are students from the participating colleges. They have been fully trained and receive ongoing, regular supervision to ensure the continual development of their skills. Supporters are available to chat with you about anything weighing on your mind—no problem is too big or small.