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What can I do to change things?

The Graduate Union exists to serve the graduate student community at the University, and so one of the most important roles it has is making sure that your voice is heard in the University.  The Collegiate nature of Cambridge, its long history and its democratic processes, means that the University is often very open to students’ views and is keen to make sure that groups that can be excluded are represented.  The families of graduate students is one that the University is particularly keen to see supported and so if you have any areas that you feel that the University can provide more support, please contact the GU President.

Getting involved

As with all activities in life, what you get out of your time in Cambridge will be directly proportional to the amount that you put in.  There are many ways to get involved in family activities.

  1. All colleges have an MCR and many MCRs arrange events for families.  Go along and support your college events.
  2. If your MCR does not have a Families Officer, consider running for the role yourself.   Speak to your MCR President to find out more.
  3. The GU and other University groups also run events for families.  For example, every the University runs a very popular Holiday Play Scheme for children from reception to 15 years old.  Many of these events rely on word of mouth to promote themselves so help share the news with friends and colleagues.
  4. Join the GU Families Group which meets termly to plan University wide events for familes.  Contact the Families Officer for more details.
  5. Join the Cambridge University Student Parent Facebook Group and share your experience of being a family at the University