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CamSIS is a student information system developed to handle student-related administration throughout the university. It is used by graduate applicants to monitor the progress of their applications, and by current graduate students for a variety of administrative tasks including updating contact details, applying for thesis deadline extensions and fee exemptions.

To access the system, you will need a Raven password.

Log in to CamSIS

What can/should I do with CamSIS?

  • Keep your contact details up to date
  • Access CamGRAD to read reports from your supervisor
  • Apply to defer submission of your dissertation (if necessary)
  • Apply for leave of absence or intermission (e.g. to work away from Cambridge)

What can I not do with CamSIS?

There are some aspects of degree administration CamSIS is not yet used for. These include:

  • Requesting the appointment for examiners for your dissertation: contact the Degree Committee for your Faculy
  • Approving the final title for your thesis: this is done by your Degree Committee (but provisional titles are approved at admission, and often at the time of registration for the PhD after the first year)


The web interface which Graduate Students use to interact with CamSIS is not particularly easy to use, and the GU is pressing for improvements. For more details, see the CamSIS issues page.


The introduction of CamSIS began in November 2004 with admissions (including the submission and monitoring of online applications), and eventually this will replace the systems used in colleges and departments. As of 17 October 2005, it is becoming available to graduate students to handle administrative issues relating to their studies and to keep their personal details up to date.

Introducing CamSIS

The following email was sent by the Board of Graduate Studies to current graduate students in October 2005.

Dear Graduate Student,

This is to let you know that CamSIS, the University's new student record system is being rolled out to the graduate student community next week (week commencing Monday 17 October 2005).

What CamSIS can do for you

    • You will be able to download information and application forms relating to your academic and personal life from CamSIS (as opposed to the Board's website); that is, what to do if you get ill, want to undertake research away from Cambridge and so on. Your entry point to CamSIS will be through your Self-Service pages (see instructions on how to log on below). The Self-Service pages will also be the place where you maintain your personal data; e.g. postal addresses, emergency contacts, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. It is very important that you update your personal data and do not rely on any other party to do this for you.
    • The onus will be on you to manage the completion of applications which will need supporting comments from various interested parties. You take responsibility for organising this, and, making sure that your application gets forwarded to your Degree Committee for consideration (there are some exceptions - applying to intermit for medical reasons, applying to continue and applying to be reinstated to the Register for Graduate Students where you will need to forward applications directly to the Board). There are also some applications which do not need a recommendation from a Degree Committee; e.g. Applying to Reside outside the University's precincts. There are specific instructions for each application which will confirm what you need to do.
    • Please note that the onus will be on you to manage the completion of your applications.
    • Each procedure has detailed information about it (in addition to the information that you will have on your own Self-Service pages/accounts) on our dedicated website for graduate students. See: You will, however, need to go to your Self-Service pages in order to download most application forms as they will not be available from our website anymore.
    • You will be able to read your supervision reports via your Self-Service pages. Supervisors will produce termly reports and report using the Graduate Student Record system; CamGRAD, which is incorporated within CamSIS.
    • You will be able to view and print unofficial transcripts, and, request official transcripts.
    • If you are a first year MPhil student (registered only, or, in the first instance) you will have to apply to continue if you wish to undertake the PhD degree. Applications to Continue have to be downloaded from the Board's website. You will only be able to defer applications to continue by a maximum of two terms and not across academic years. If you wish to continue in another academic year, you will need to reapply to continue and make a new application or request that your original continuation papers are resubmitted as a new application. The deferment procedure works the same way for applicants too.
    • Most of our communications to you will be undertaken by email.

Logging on to CamSIS

In order to log onto to CamSIS you will need to set up a 'Raven' account. Raven accounts are administered by the Computing Service (and not the Board of Graduate Studies). This is what you need to do now:

    • If you have an account (and know your password) on the Hermes, the Department of Engineering, or Biological Sciences 'Mole' mail systems, you can collect your Raven password by going to
    • If you do not have an account on one of these systems, or, the above does not work, you will need to fill in the web based form at The Computing Service will send you your Raven password on the receipt of this form. In order to complete this form, you will need to know your CRSid (User-id). Your CRSid is a unique alphanumeric login ID that consists of a person's initials followed by a number, for example abc123. Your CRSid is issued by the Computing Service; if you are not sure what your CRSid is, please contact the Computing Service via e-mail:

If you would like further information, please let us know on

With all good wishes for your studies - Graduate Student Team