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Graduate Students

If you have failed or missed part of your examination, allowance can be made: although this doesn't alter your marks, it can allow you to complete and receive your qualification: see Graduate Examination Allowances on the Board of Graduate Studies website.

There is a formal appeals procedure to protest failure of a postgraduate qualification. The appeals process has several steps, outlined in the section entitled "Review of Results: Postgraduate Qualifications" in Chapter VI of the University Ordinances. Further details are available from the BoGS. The Graduate Union can help you decipher how the system works; your college tutor can also serve as a guide through the process. It is worth noting that extenuating circumstances such as medical conditions are considered to be among the more acceptable grounds for appeal. If the appeal is pursued through the final stage, a GU officer can represent the applicant in the final trial.

Special arrangements can be made for examinations if you expect to need extra time, help with writing, additional breaks, a different format for your exam paper or a more accessible venue. These can and should be arranged in advance, rather than being used as grounds for subsequent appeal: please refer to the special examination arrangements information on the BoGS's website well in advance of you examination.

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Undergraduate Students

The above discussion refers online to postgraduate qualifications. The Board of Examinations provides guidance notes on undergraduate examination appeals (prepared with CUSU), examination allowances and plagiarism. CUSU's CamExams page has additional information about Cambridge examinations.