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Paridhi Sharma

Candidate for Women's Officer

What do you want to achieve during your term?

  1. Panel discussions/talks with leading women 

So that GU members can interact with leading female professionals and gain an insight into their professional lives and be inspired.

  1. Improve networking among women within and outside Cambridge

Create a database/information system whereby current and alumni students can establish long term networks. An opportunity to contact students in specific industry for general advice and improved collaboration. It will be an open scheme (as per preference) such that students can choose to participate (and specify the information they would like to share).

  1. Enhance communication link with student societies

Build a stronger collaboration with other societies’/women’s officers. So the GU women are informed of various ongoing Cambridge events and can actively take part. An update of any women specific academic/social events will be provided for the term.

   4. Provide a better platform for women to voice their opinions

For any specific issues, I would liaise with the concerned officers (internal or external to GU). I would like members to consider the GU committee easily accessible and a true representation of their views. So if there are any matters that women members wish to bring to the GU, I would make sure that their view is brought to the committee.

What experience do you bring to the role?

  1. Enthusiastic approach and great communication skills        

Attributed to my involvement at the Cambridge Union (Speakers Committee, volunteering at debates); College Open days, Access events and Cambridge Science Festival. Previously, I have given talks and presentations (up to an audience of 300 students) and have been acknowledged for prompt response and feedback in past summer work.

   2. Excellent organization and management skills

For example, I was in the ‘Mastana’ Committee; Mastana is a student-run cultural arts event that raises funds for charities. This involved organisation and management of meeting venues, auditions, finalising acts, sending emails and notifications, working with different teams, backstage organisation on the day and coordinating stage setup.

What do you think the relationship between the GU and CUSU's autonomous Women's Campaign should be?

Both the CUSU and GU are main student bodies, so communication links must exist. CUSU campaigns are their initiative but GU women can be directed towards them if agreed upon by the societies. GU will have its own work targeted primarily at GU members, but if an initiative is advantageous to undergraduate and graduate women unanimously then joint work may be considered with CUSU if necessary.

How would you like to collaborate with Women's Officers in the MCRs?

Excellent collaboration by having frequent correspondence and at least one termly meeting to discuss key ideas and issues. An online forum whereby all officers network together as a group and inform of any upcoming events/initiatives. 

How do you think gender inequality particularly affects graduate and mature undergraduate women? How can this situation be improved?

Gender inequality exists across all sectors and women are bridging the gap through innovative initiatives. So the inequality effect is based on subjects/societies/events rather than undergraduate or graduate reasons. This is being and can be improved by effective networking and communication.

With the busy schedules of graduates, sometimes getting information about key activities (among the large number that take place) can be time consuming and hence missed. GU can improve this further by providing a user friendly source of information in one place.