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Amalie Hoegfeldt

Candidate for Mature Undergraduates' Officer

What do you want to achieve during your term?

I aim to

  • Improve conditions for all mature undergraduate students
  • Encourage even further cooperation between the mature colleges
  • Get all MCR’s to represent mature undergraduates at their colleges respectively
  • Make events aiming to make mature students socialise with each other cross colleges.

What experience do you bring to the role?

I have formerly served as the president of the student council at a high school in Denmark with 1,100 students. I was furthermore president of multiple international societies at the school and my main task was to get exchange students represented and integrated at the school. I also served as a board member in the school board for 2 years and had to represent all students at the school. Thus I have quite a lot of experience in terms of representative work. I am a mature student myself and live at a mature college in Cambridge. Thus I have the opportunity to speak to a lot of mature undergraduates and listen to their concerns, complains and ideas which will be very useful in my work as a mature undergraduate officer.

In what way do you think the experience of being a mature undergraduate is particularly challenging, and how can this be improved?

It is important that the mature undergraduates get as integrated at the university as all other students. Some mature students tend to fall in a category where they find themselves lonely and poorly represented - if they are at a standard age or even if they are among few mature undergraduates at a mature college. Some even experience exclusion simply due to the fact that they are older than the other students. The Graduate Union must work to eliminate that. They also may have interests which are more similar to the graduate students than to other undergraduates as they may be a lot older and even have family. Thus it is important that the graduate and mature undergraduate community work together.

What ideas do you have for campaigns and events in the coming year?

I will lead the process of helping mature students to put their stories forward so that we in cooperation can work together to improve conditions for all mature undergraduate students at Cambridge University.  I believe in a strong student democracy - and I aim to speak to MCR’s at all mature colleges as well as mature students from different colleges. All mature undergraduates should be represented in their MCR!

How would you like to collaborate with the graduate community as part of your role?

I believe it is utterly important to collaborate with the graduate community about the integration of mature undergraduates at cambridge university. Often the mature undergraduates will be the same age as mphil and phd-students. Thus it is important that the graduate community and the mature undergraduate community work together because I am sure that they can gain a lot from each other. further, a lot of the issues relevant to graduate students will be highly relevant to mature students as well.