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Part-time officer details


The part-time officers are a long-established feature of the GU. They have traditionally been responsible for overseeing the GU's University-wide student-facing work; whether that is organising events and campaigns, or supporting the President in their representational duties.

The newly-elected team of part-time officers will be the first to work alongside the Vice-President; a new full-time role to be elected in Michaelmas 2016 who will have responsibility for coordinating and supporting the part-time officers. This increase in capacity marks an exciting time for the GU, and a perfect opportunity to contribute to enhancing the graduate experience at Cambridge.


Job Description

 The part-time officers, who, alongside the President, Vice-President and Welfare & Rights Officer make up the GU Executive Committee, are responsible for all events, campaigns and projects relating to the promotion and protection of the interests of the Members with regard to their role's portfolio. The roles mirror particular interests and needs within the graduate community- available roles are:

  • Academic Affairs Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • International Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Families Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • Mature Undergraduates Officer
  • Women's Officer

The roles, while covering a particular portfolio, are very open. Officers can prioritise particular aspects of work, or seek to run campaigns and events focussing on certain issues. Each officer is allocated a budget that they have discretion over.

The part-time roles provide a chance for students with an interest and commitment to improving the graduate experience the resorce and support to ensure students make the most from their time at Cambridge.

The part-time officers elected in Michaelmas Term 2016 will be eligible for a £230/term honorarium payment.



Any candidate for the role of a Part-Time Officer must be either:
  • a student who is formally matriculated and registered for an approved graduate or postgraduate programme provided by the University of Cambridge (as at 26 September 2016)
  • an undergraduate student of the University who was 21 years of age or over at the commencement of their course of study
  • an undergraduate student of the University in their fourth-or-higher year of residence
  • a student who is a member of one of the institutions belonging to the Cambridge Theological Federation,
  • a post- doctoral researcher working within the University who is a member of the University,
  • a spouse or civil partner of any of the above
and must not have opted out of membership of the GU in accordance with the Education Act 1994.