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Submitting a nomination

Nominations are now open. please go to

Nominations will only be confirmed following the submission of a manifesto. We also ask candidates to submit a photo for use in elections publicity.

Manifesto guidance

Each candidate must submit a manifesto to stand for election. You manifesto should contain any information you want potential voters to see about your candidacy. This could include:

  • Your experience.
  • Your stances on policy.
  • What you would seek to do if elected.

We require candidates to submit their manifesto in two formats:

  • A "formatted" version, comprising a single side of A4 in Word of PDF format.
  • A "plain text" version, comprising all text included in your formatted version.

Formatted manifestos can look however you wish, and may include images. However, sound advice is:

  • Not using font size less than 12 point – keep it legible.
  • Not including too much text – better to make your points concisely, as voters will likely be put off by too long a document.
  • Not trying to cover too much – you can always link to a website with further details.

Your manifesto is about you, not about other people. It therefore must not:

  • contain references to other prospective candidates, directly or indirectly.
  • include references to individuals or societies who are endorsing you.