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Campaigning Rules



The election will be run in accordance with the CUSU and GU Constitutions; the Rules published by the Elections Committee; and any ruling issued by the Elections Committee during the election. 

As is customary, the GU have delegated the running of this election to the CUSU Elections Committee. This decision was made by a meeting of the GU Council in January 2018

Campaigning Rules

The Rules governing the conduct of the campaign have been published by the Elections Committee, and may be downloaded . If you are intending to stand or campaign in the election, you are strongly advised to read these carefully.

Fly-posting is illegal in Cambridge. The Proctorial Notice on Fly-posting may be read here.

Candidates are responsible for understanding these rules and communicating them to their campaign team. Candidates are, to the furthest reasonable extent, fully responsible for all of the actions taken by anyone that the Elections Committee determine to be campaigning to your advantage.

The Election Rules and all additional rulings take effect instantly upon their publication. Please bear in mind that some rules govern behaviour that takes place before the close of nominations, not just the campaigning and election period. In particular, candidates may not publicly declare their candidacy until the start of the campaigning period.

Additional rulings of the Elections Committee will be published via the committee's webpage: