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Meet the Candidates for Welfare and Rights

Walinase Chinula


Facebook event

Where there's a Wali, there's a way! #Walifare Every day,
everywhere, and for everyone

Christine Pungong

Facebook event

I'm committed to improving standards of welfare provision at Cambridge by listening to students, representing their needs & ensuring welfare is as accessible & inclusive as possible. #welfareforall

RON (Re-open Nominations) is also a candidate in these elections.


RON stands for Re-open Nominations, and is an option on every ballot form. Every election is contested by RON to let students express that they are unsatisfied with the selection of candidates running. If RON were to win the election, nominations for the role would re-open and the election of that role would be conducted again.

At CUSU, we use a Single Transferable Voting system (STV). STV is designed to give a fair and proportional representation of the most preferred candidate. Every member of CUSU and the GU can vote in the elections, and the voting process is easy for students to take part in. To find out more about STV and how we'll coutn your vote, click here.