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Lent Term 2018 President and Welfare and Rights Officers Election

 Important Notice 


Elections Committee statement on the GU President election:

The CUSU/GU Elections Committee has determined that the election result for the position of GU President cannot be declared at this time. Elections disciplinary investigations relating to at least one candidate for this position must be completed before the results can be declared. The Elections Committee have not seen the results of that election and have taken steps to ensure that they will not be publicised. A full statement will be issued alongside the judgment of the Elections Committee which we do not expect to reach until Sunday. We have no further comment on that at this time.



What does it mean to be the Graduate Union President?

 The President is the elected lead representative and principal figurehead of the Graduate Union. The role is primarily responsible to Members for the performance of the Graduate Union; for priorities and democratic initiatives throughout the year; and is the chief spokesperson to Members, University officials and the public on behalf of the Graduate Union. The role line-manages the General Manager and the Vice-President and is the Chair of the Graduate Union Board of Trustees.

Contained within the responsibilities and duties of the role are to oversee the long-term, strategic development of the Graduate Union; maintain affiliation ties to outside organisations and partners, and represent members of external bodies.


Who does the Graduate Union Represent?

Full Student members- All students on a Graduate and Postgraduate course & Associate Members

•    All UG students in their fourth year or higher (including all Clinical Students)
•    All students who were 21 years of age or older at the start of their course
•    Partners of Students, Cambridge Theological Federation and Post-Docs




What does it mean to be the Welfare and Rights Officer?

 The Welfare and Rights Officer is the elected representative for students at the University of Cambridge for matters pertaining to the welfare, pastoral provision and support, and equality of students’ experiences at the Collegiate University. The role is shared between GU and the Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) and so forms part of the GU Executive.

The purpose of the role is to advance the fairness and accessibility of students’ experiences in their study period; identify and investigate issues relating to student support and equality of opportunity and disadvantage; and campaign, lobby and advocate within and beyond the University’s structures to alleviate disparity and barriers to those requiring support. The role enacts this purpose via CUSU activities, campaigns, and policy-development regarding student support and equality of treatment and opportunity, including health; mental well-being; sexual health; safety; and resources to cope with hardship. 

What else does the Welfare and Rights Officer do?

  • Shall also be an officer of the Graduate Union and be expected to contribute significantly to the work of that organisation
  • Trustee of the Graduate Union
  • Leads the Welfare and Rights Team
  • Shall be the primary representative for CUSU on graduate student matters
  • Liaise closely with other Executive Teams on graduate issues relevant to their portfolios 


Have any questions? Want to find out more about the roles? 

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As is normal for these elections, we run them jointly with the Cambridge University Students' Union - CUSU.