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Training for Affiliated MCRs and other Rep

Training for Affiliated MCRs and other Rep - on this page you will see occasional training which we have, please sign up below. MCR can request the below, or individuals can request the sessions happen sooner, please email
Session time date location Summary Sign up
Data Protection 15.00-16.00 23/04/18 Meeting Room 1, GU, 17 Mill Lane With the new date protection legislation coming in to force (GDPR) it is important that organisations are aware of their responsabilities here
Lets get Political? What can you campaign on as a Union or MCR? 25/04/18 Especially with the recent strikes, the EU referendum and the Cambridge interest in all things green, we discuss when can we get political, and when would it be inadvisable   here
Fun with demographics 17.00-18.00 03/05/18 Meeting Room 1, GU, 17 Mill Lane Who are our students,? where to get the data? What to do with it? here
Introduction to Students' Unions (MCRs) and the law 17.00-18.00 04/05/18 Meeting Room 1, GU, 17 Mill Lane

This session will look at the 1994 education act, as well as the more recent charity legislation.

We will also look at running fair elections. 


Basic Media Law Upcoming We will look at the basics of publishing and commenting. We will discuss what to do in case of press interest, and when to comment. 
Running Engaging elections Upcoming It is important that elections feel useful to the candidate, and voters feel they have a choice. How do you make sure that a fair, but engaging vote happens?
Campaign planning, how to be the Change! Upcoming
Data collection and research Upcoming
Basic Committee skils Upcoming
Being a college governor Upcoming upcoming (Summer)
The role of an elected Officer Upcoming This session will discuss what does this mean, and how can you get the best from your self and fellow officers
Communicating with others Upcoming upcoming (Summer)
Introduction to Liberation Upcoming upcoming (Summer)

Non affiliated bodies can attend training, but at a cost of £10, though we are happy to accept order forms where appropriate.