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Graduate Rights Campaign - Testimonial Collection Form

Share with us your experience with your PhD supervisor . What do you think should change for making PhD a more productive and happy experience ?

One of the alarming issue PhD student’s battle with is the 'supervisor-student' relationship dynamics and related side effects stemming from it like the mental well-being and financial instabilities. Addressing the PhD supervisor-student issues through improving the ‘code of practice (CoP) for research students' and changing the existing 'PhD supervision culture' is a key priority for the Graduate Union this year. The GU is launching the ‘Graduate Rights Campaign for accountable and responsible PhD supervisions’.  But we need your help to understand your individual experiences (good/bad) with your supervisor. Let us know what your PhD experience has been - tell us your stories and we will campaign for you ! Also please do share with us good experiences so that we can share best practices around !

(the testimonials will remain anonymous but if you would like us to disclose your identity , please include your name and college/dept )

If you select the 'Share' option, we will include your testimonial for anonymous story telling in our social media/blogs etc as part of our campaign. If you select the 'Inform' option, your testimonial will be used by the Sabbatical Officers to understand the spectrum of ' PhD supervisor-student' issues - but will not be quoted or paraphrased or shared publicly. We may use the information to create statistics if we receive over a certain number of responses. 

  Share Inform
Are you happy for the GU to share your story in an anonymous format, or would you just like to inform us?