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There are various channels of representation available to Cambridge graduate students, at college, faculty, and university level, as well as further afield.

The Graduate Union (GU) is the body co-ordinating graduate representation in the University.

University Representation

One of the GU’s main purposes is to ensure that graduates are properly represented on University Committees (of which there are many), and pursuing policy decided upon by the GU’s democratic bodies.

The GU sabbatical officers, the President and the Welfare and Rights Officer, between them sit on the majority of University Committees that call for a graduate representative. The two highest decision-making bodies in the University – University Council and General Board – were until 2013 elected in separate elections. From 2013, the election of the GU President has been combined with these elections, so that the person elected as President will sit on these committees.

Representing graduates on committees makes up a significant proportion of the President’s and the Welfare and Rights Officer’s duties, and occasionally someone from the Executive Committee is delegated to represent graduates on more minor committees.

The GU officers take their representative duties very seriously. If you have anything to raise, please contact the officers directly through the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page, or speak to the GU Council representative in your MCR (likely to be the President or External Officer).


Joint College Representation

The Union represents Students' on committees run collectively by the Colleges, such as the Senior tutors committee and the Graduate Tutors committee.