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With one of the most diverse graduate student bodies of the country, it would be hard not be find something of interest to you in Cambridge. Graduate-only events are organised by the Graduate Union, College MCRs and a couple of societies which particularly target graduate students.

The Graduate Union maintains an online calendar of GU events.


College MCRs

Many colleges run events which are open to grads from across the university. These are advertised on their web pages. The bar at Darwin is a favourite on Friday evenings. All Colleges and MCRs have an ents programme, typically including exchange Halls with other Colleges, bops, and video nights.

Colleges and their music societies often host concerts, particularly of classical music. These are often advertised in college event calendars and the websites of their music societies or chapels (where many concerts are held), and on posters around town.

Student Societies

Many clubs and societies put on events on a regular basis. See under 'Societies and Sports Clubs' for how to find ones of interest.

Local events around the city

Cambridge has several venues for live music and plays, which have their own websites:

The city has 2 large multiple-screen cinemas and an arts cinema, with several film festivals during the year. Look out for flyers, posters, and ads in the local papers, and free monthly magazine, the Explorer. You can also visit their websites:

Several colleges also have film societies, and the GU and some MCRs also arrange film viewings.