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Three Minute Thesis 2017-18

Our Finalists

This year's 3MT competition ended with Sarah Madden winning in the PhD category and James Burland winning in the Master's category.

Also, we had amazing finalists in the competition as can be seen below.

Winner PGR - Sarah Madden

Bigger, better, faster, stronger: Antibody drugs have been truly revolutionary in the clinic and have allowed us to block a range of new cancer targets. However, antibody drugs can take a long time to develop. My PhD has focused on the development of an arguably better new type of drug that is similar in many ways but can be made within a matter of weeks and has a much better shelf life.

Runner-up -Luca Villa


Finalists -Emma Reay

Rachel Fellows

Monica Killen

Kimberly Bowal


Some of our Semi-Finalists









Our amazing finalists :  

 Monica Kellen

Adrian Gomez Balboa

Emma Reay

Kimberly Bowal

Rachel Fellows,

 Sarah Madden