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Students take part in Cambridge Pride

last modified Jun 07, 2019 08:49 PM
2019 sees the first ever Cambridge Pride taking place in Cambridge and we are thrilled to be involved in this exciting event. Organised primarily by the Pink Festival, who have been running pride based activities over the years across Cambridge, the growth of the event has relied on further involvement from charities such as The Kite Trust and other sponsors. Alongside the University of Cambridge, we have donated to support the event.

Our financial support should be seen as a statement that we support this event and the values it promotes. We believe this event will have an impact on the broader student community; it will contribute to build solidarity and unity across the City and the University, and it will also help tackle issues of inequality and discrimination.

We hope you will join us there on Saturday 8th June. We will have a punt alongside the university on the River Cam before further events take place on Jesus Green. Led by our LGBTQ+ Officer, we will be located on Jesus Green alongside CUSU LGBT+ with a stall providing information on wellbeing and mental health. We hope to see you there!

The river parade, involving local organisations, invites spectators from 11am at Jesus Green Weir to experience the flotilla of brightly decorated punts travelling continuously between Quayside and Jesus Green. The stages and other areas in the main event arena on Jesus Green start from 12 noon. Download the full programme here -

Cambridge has a big queer community and a long history of LGBTQ+ events. The Pink Festival, which organised open-air summer events from 2003, has played a big part in that. So it might seem a bit surprising that Cambridge has never had an official Pride parade or festival! We’re aiming to remedy that by running the first Cambridge Pride in 2019, to take place on the 8th of June on Jesus Green.