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Provisional Election Result: GU President

last modified Mar 12, 2018 08:29 PM
Note from the Graduate Union on the recent election and the result

As you may know, the GU ran its annual Presidential election over the past weeks. In recent years, CUSU and the GU have taken to teaming up to run a single election campaign to promote engagement and avoid having too many election cycles. Part of that is a single Elections Committee (EC) which rules on campaign breaches. Due to irregularities on the part of one of the candidate, the EC this year decided to disqualify one of the candidate . For more details on the ruling :…/gu-president-election-ruling-and-p…

The turnout in this year's GU election is one of the highest we have seen in many years. The candidates have sacrificed a large amount of time - time they could have spent studying towards their degree - to run an arduous week-long campaign. Our membership voted in record numbers, and we respect the candidates' long campaign and our membership's votes.

The provisional winner, pending appeal, is Sofia Ropek Hewson.

We will keep everyone informed of updates as they come.