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Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month

last modified Feb 24, 2020 03:35 PM
February marks LGBT History Month in the UK, a month of events celebrating the achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people across the world and promoting education about the issues which still affect the LGBT community today.

Cambridge will proudly celebrate this as well. First of all, we would like to thank the Cam Queer History (CQH) group and the Encompass Network for the rich calendar of events and campaigns during this 2020 LGBTQ History Month at Cambridge. The Graduate Union has always been working with and for LGBTQ students, but also beyond the university and education sector. Collaborations with many university networks and groups were a crucial part of our fight for minorities, and collaborations with charities of the City of Cambridge were also essential to bridge the gap between the city and the University (see list of groups and networks here). In the past year, the GU has:

  • worked on Gender Neutral Policy and provisions across the University, including gender neutral toilets, admin and communication;
  • set up a Gender Identities and Sexual Orientations Steering Group;
  • Helped to establish a local LGBTQ+ Forum (now under the Cambridge City Council);
  • Co-organised the Cambridge parade at London Pride 2019
  • Co-organised the Students River parade at Cambridge Pride 2019
  • Supported local primary and secondary schools to draft Diversity and Inclusivity Strategies
  • Supported Colleges and Department to set up LGBTQ+ inclusive practices;
  • Co-organised a 'Queer(y)ing the Past: An Afternoon of Alternative Archaeology' Conference in Cambridge;
  • Co-organised a number of social events to fight isolation; and much more.

Among other initiatives, the Graduate Union and the University of Cambridge have been two sponsors of the First ever Cambridge Pride, and I am happy to inform you that the University is committed to keeping this sponsorship in 2020 as well.
The fight for LGBTQ+ rights needs to go on, with a special effort towards supporting Trans and Non-Binary people, LGBTQ parents and families, as well as intersectional issues, especially concerning Black and Asian Minorities, Refugees, Migrants, and invisible LGBTQ people (including LGBTQ prisoners). The Graduate Union is committed to keep fighting against these issues.

This month is dedicated to each LGBTQ person out there: you are not alone, you are great, and please do enjoy this month that is dedicated to you all.


Calendar of Events for LGBTQ History Month 2020:

1. All the Cambridge LGBTQ+ history month events coming to you this February:

2. Encompass Network Calendar

3. CamQueerHistory (CQH) Calendar