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‘Research Under Pressure: How we survived our fieldwork’ : Tickets out now

last modified Oct 17, 2019 01:34 PM
This three-part panel series seeks to provide a space for open and honest discussion about the challenges we can face as graduate students in the field.
‘Research Under Pressure: How we survived our fieldwork’ : Tickets out now

'12/365 Team Work’ by Silvana Araoz-Fraser

The aim is to offer a space where, by sharing our difficulties and how we overcame them, we can begin to contribute to the destigmatisation of fieldwork struggles and to make a dent on common issues such as isolation and impostor syndrome.

Tuesday 12th November: Relationships and Boundaries in the Fieldwork Setting

Panellists: Beja Protner (social anthropology) and Tom Powell-Davies (social anthropology).

Fieldwork is messy and relating to people is inevitably complex. This panel deals with the difficulties of navigating relationships in the field. It is not always possible to keep clear boundaries between ourselves and research participants. Beja and Tom will share their experiences on this matter.


Wednesday 20th of November: Researcher vs Research: Balancing Well-Being and Academic Output

Panellists: Anna Wood (anthropology) and Laura Gutiérrez (criminology).

What happens when you bite off more than you can chew? Perhaps you came to realise that your fieldwork was too risky, or you did not feel comfortable with the plan you had originally intended to follow; perhaps the challenging conditions of your fieldwork triggered mental health issues. Anna and Laura will talk about what it was like to face some of these challenges.


Tuesday 26th of November: Between the Field and the University

Panellists: Lakshmi Bose (education) and Charlotte Milbank (geography).

This panel will discuss a story that is extremely common: your fieldwork did not play out as you expected based on the case studies in your textbooks. Adapting and changing your fieldwork plans is not easy. Lakshmi and Charlotte will discuss the challenges they faced balancing the complex realities of fieldwork with the very different structures of academic bureaucracy.


All sessions will take place in Gonville and Caius College in the Green and Bateman Rooms from 5 to 6:30pm. Limited tickets are available through Tessera. Please note that you need to make an individual booking for each panel. Accessibility information for the venue is available here.

This project was funded through the GU's Campaigns Fund.