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Looking for panellists on surviving fieldwork

last modified Sep 19, 2019 03:53 PM
Panel Series ‘Research Under Pressure: How we survived our fieldwork’ is looking for panellists. Did you have a tough time during fieldwork? Would you like to share your lessons and experience with grads that have not yet gone on the field? We are looking for you!

This three-part panel series will be run in Michaelmas (12, 20 and 26 of November, 5:00-6:30) to be confirmed, and will be open to graduate students. These panels seek to provide a space for open and honest discussion about the challenges we face as graduate students on the field. The aim is to offer a non-competitive space where, through the sharing of our difficulties (and how we overcame them) we can together make a dent on issues such as impostor syndrome, isolation and contribute to the destigmatisation of academic struggles.

Relationships and boundaries in the fieldwork setting

  • This panel deals with the difficulties of navigating relationships in fieldwork. It is hardly the case that, as researchers, we can always keep strict boundaries between ourselves and research participants: the field is messy, ever-changing and relating to people is inevitably complex. Did you have trouble finding balance in your fieldwork relations?

Researcher vs Research: balancing well-being and academic output

  • What happens when you bite more than you can chew? Maybe you realised that your fieldwork was too risky, or you did not feel comfortable with the plan you had set out to follow; maybe the challenging conditions of your fieldwork triggered mental health issues. Did you have to deal with these or similar difficulties?

Between the field and the university

  • This panel will discuss a common story: your fieldwork did not play out like the case studies in your text books. How did you adapt your academic expectations (and perhaps those of your supervisor) to the reality of the field? Changing plans and adapting is not easy--did you have to rethink your goals?


If you have things to say about any of these issues, do send us a paragraph or two to lg452 at before the 30th of September telling us a bit about your fieldwork, course and some of the thoughts you would like to share in the panel. The chosen panellists will be awarded a small ex gratia payment (fee calculated according to the University guidelines for hourly work).