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Call for expressions of interest in the position of student trustee

last modified Mar 27, 2017 11:05 AM
The Graduate Union is inviting expressions of interest from students who would consider applying to be a student trustee for the academic year 2017-18.

As a registered charity (charity no. 1147864[1]), overall responsibility for the GU rests with its Board of Trustees. The Board is charged with ensuring the GU effectively pursues its charitable objects while remaining legally compliant, financially responsible, and upholding accountability. Becoming a trustee of a charity is a serious legal commitment, but also a valuable opportunity for personal professional development. Comprehensive information about being a charity trustee is published by the Charity Commission.[2]

The GU’s Board of Trustees presently comprises:

  • Two sabbatical trustees (the GU President and the CUSU-GU Welfare & Rights Officer, ex officio)
  • Two external trustees (elected for four-year terms)
  • One alumnus trustee (elected for four-year terms)
  • Two student trustees (elected annually for one-year terms)

Student trustees must be both a student and member of the GU at the time of their appointment (Easter Term 2017), and must reasonably anticipate continuing to be a student and member for the whole of the academic year for which they are appointed to serve (2017-18).

The following are members of the GU and are eligible for appointment as student trustees:

  • Students formally matriculated and registered for an approved graduate or postgraduate programme;
  • Mature undergraduates (undergraduates who were aged 21 or above at the commencement of their course of study);
  • Undergraduates in their fourth or higher year of residence;
  • Students who are members of one of the institutions belonging to the Cambridge Theological Federation;
  • Spouses or civil partners of any of the above; or
  • Post-doctoral researchers working within the University, who are members of the University.

For more information about the role, or to formally express your interest in being appointed, please send your enquiry to the GU Vice-President, Ellie Chan:

Up to two candidates will be nominated by the Executive Committee, with their appointment to be voted on by a meeting of the GU Council during Easter Term.

[1] Registered charities in England and Wales: Cambridge University Graduate Union (link)

[2] Charity Commission guidance: “Charity trustee: what’s involved (CC3a)” (link)