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Executive By-Election

last modified Jul 10, 2019 01:19 AM
Vote for your preferred candidate in the by-election for: Disabled Students Officer, and LGBTQ+

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Disabled Students Officer

Jack Chadwick

Hi, I am Jack. 

As the Union's first ever Disabled Students Officer I've worked to establish a campaign that meets the needs of disabled graduates. 

If elected, I'll press ahead with the campaigns and initiatives begun in the last six months. Since January I've canvassed disabled graduates to get a sense of our priorities and what we want this position to do for us:

  •  We want a strong campaigning voice to focus our concerns into winning campaigns.
  • We want an officer that works closely with the disability campaign to maintain the campaigns excellent work for disabled grads.
  • And we want the opportunity to connect with each other socially, to share our experiences.

My main focus for the next year would be vastly expand access to adjustment information. So far I've secured commitments from a majority of departments and faculties to integrate resources into induction that explain the options available for disabled students and those who experience mental health problems, in respect of their courses.


Re- Open Nominations Re-Open Nominations exists to state your preferred option is that nominations should be opened again. 

LGBTQ+ Officer

Anthony Bridgen



Hiya! My name is Anthony and I'm 2nd year PhD student in Plant Sciences.

I would like to be your LGBTQ+ rep as I think it's an important role within the GU structure which ensures that members of the graduate body who identify as LGBTQ+ receive support and a sense of community. It would be my great pleasure to continue the great work of the previous officer in organising social events & campaigning for greater inclusivity in the university.

Having held a number of committee positions over my time at Cambridge, including being the current president of Caius MCR, I hope I am well qualified to operate within the university structure and have a considerable experience of event organisation. 

Thanks for reading! 

Anthony. - my Manifesto can be found here

Re-Open Nominations Re-Open Nominations exists to state your preferred option is that nominations should be opened again.