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The Executive Committee is a team of students who run the GU's day-to-day representation and campaigning activity.

The GU's Executive Committee is elected by students every year. It's a team of volunteer students, along with three sabbatical officers, who represent the GU's members, run campaigns on student issues, and implement the policies that are decided by Council.

They give regular updates to and are held accountable to students via elected representatives at Council.

The Exec is made up of these roles: (you can find our current Exec here)

  • Faculty Liaison Officer
  • Families Officer
  • International Officer 
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Officer  
  • Women's Officer 
  • Mature Undergraduates Officer (to be co-opted)
  • Open Portfolio (e.g. housing, finances)