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meet our students

meet our students

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Our students come from over 200 countries and territories, 


Read their story, and feel free to contact our students about what Cambridge is like for them


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Georgiana from Romania

My year in Cambridge has been truly transformative, both academically and personally. Life feels now like being split into “before” and “after” my MPhil. The discussions I had with my supervisor had a huge impact on my research. I’ve been part of several student communities, my department, my college and the Gates community — that is where the magic happened. I’ve learnt so much from my peers.”
Georgiana Epure
MPhil International Relations and Politics, Romania

Nafisa from Nigeria

Cambridge attracts some of the best people in the world in almost all subjects. This environment allows you to interact with researchers at the forefront of their fields, and provides an opportunity to share your own work. The university offers access to spaces where you can set up partnerships and collaborations with industry and colleagues in other leading institutions."

Nafisa Waziri
PhD International Relations and Politics, Nigeria



Taskeen Adam, South Africa


Cambridge is a hub of knowledge that is increasingly becoming more global as more people from developing countries are starting to study there. It still has a long way to go, but that is why it is important that diverse students from across the globe apply, so that we can begin to build a more truly global knowledge base. ”

Taskeen Adam PhD Development Studies, South Africa

Erica Cao


Cambridge seemed like a foreign, strange place when I frst began my MPhil, but the year here with friends from all over the world quickly made it a second home to me. Whether in the comforts of the college common room or over tea with my supervisor and research group, there’s a place for everyone here to learn — also about themselves and the world around them. ”

Erica Cao MPhil Music, USA

Aliya Bagewadi


The best thing about Cambridge is its people. It’s not uncommon to sit down to a dinner and engage with thought-provoking individuals from around the world. From Somalia to Dominica, Kazakstan to Niger, Pakistan to Belarus, I’ve been blessed to encounter a range of enriching perspectives and insights from peers across the planet.” 

Aliya Bagewadi MPhil Land Economy, USA

Paulo Savaget


It’s been an immense privilege to pursue my PhD in Cambridge, where I have had the opportunity of engaging with fascinating and inspiring people developing cutting-edge research and learning from their diferent cultural and professional backgrounds.

Paulo Savaget PhD Engineering, Brazil

Alexandru Savu


Cambridge has extremely valuable resources from all points of view – amazing facilities, great access to information sources, and of course, brilliant human resources in the form of lecturers, supervisors and your fellow peers and college-mates. ”

Alexandru Savu PhD Economics, Romania


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Cambridge is a wonderful place for graduates to study because no matter how niche your research interest might be, there are so many ways you can learn in a communal, collaborative environment. Everyone is warmly encouraged to attend lectures and seminars, whether you want to meet and hear from others working in your own field, or just satisfy a personal curiosity you've been harbouring. If you want to establish a workshop series or reading group, you’ll have the university's tools at your disposal to host speakers and participants. It’s very welcoming in that respect.

Alice O'Driscoll, PhD History, UK