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Gown shop

Gown guide

To find out which type and size of gown you need, please consult our gown guide.

Buying a gown

We sell second-hand BA, BA status, MA and MA status gowns.

Second-hand gowns cost £40. New gowns cost £50. We now accept card and cash. 

Selling a gown

We buy second-hand BA, BA status, MA, MA status, MPhil, MEng, MMath and MSci gowns in good condition for £20.

We can now pay for gowns in cash at the point of sale.

Please note, we do not currently buy undergraduate gowns.

Hiring a gown

We lease out second-hand BA, BA status, MA and MA status gowns for either a week or an entire academic year.

To hire a gown, you will need a cash deposit (not card) of the cost of the gown (£40 for a secondhand gown, £50 for a new gown). We will also need the cost of the rental.

Hire of a gown for a week, is £5. For £15 for the academic year to the 31st July. ( so you will need between £55 and £65 in cash if you are hiring). 

We may not accept the return of a gown that's been damaged.


To buy, hire or sell a gown, visit the GU during opening hours. Please note that we are unable to reserve gowns in advance.