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The aims of the code of practice are to provide some framework for the relationship between graduate students and their supervisors and departments. The code of practice makes demands of students, their supervisors and their departments.


The Board of Graduate Studies publishes the Code of Practice on its website, and may distribute copies to new students.

Draft Documents and Discussion

Drafts were circulated for comment among colleges and faculties, and the GU sought student responses. The documents and forum discussion are accessible to members of the university only, either from computers or with your Raven password.

GU Background and Assessment

A Graduate Students’ Charter was amongst the manifesto pledges for Alex Broadbent (GU President 2005-6), although he acknowledged that the preparation of the Code of Practice was driven more by external factors than GU campaigning. He felt that the final document was very long, but “broadly positive from a student point of view, pulling together diverse strands of information, as well as providing a long-needed check on and framework for the supervisor/graduate student relationship”.