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GU Referendum: 9th–13th November 2009

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Results Announced

The results of the referendum have now been announced by the Returning Officer. The referendum passed with “Yes” exceeding the quota on first preferences alone.

A referendum was held, coinciding with the Board By-Elections, on amendments to the GU Constitution. The text of the question asked was:

Should the Graduate Union adopt the proposed constitutional changes?

The proposed changes are shown in full on the constitutional amendment page, along with a summary of the key changes and their intentions.


379 votes were cast in the election and referendum, 374 online and 5 in person. Of these, 258 valid votes on the referendum question were cast:

Response Votes
Yes 206
No 52
total 258
quota 129

The result of a referendum is in general decided by a simple majority of votes cast. For amendments to the constitution to pass, the following additional criteria must be met:

  • Not fewer than two hundred valid votes are cast.
  • The number of valid votes cast in favour of the amendment is greater than or equal to double the number cast against.