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GU By-Elections: 1st and 2nd August 2006

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A By-election was announced for the 1st and 2nd August for the posts of Welfare Officer, Families Officer, and International Officer. Due to a lack of nominations, voting did not take place.

A single nomination was recived fro the position of International Officer. Jian Wen Chan was therefore elected unopposed.

As no nominations were recived for the positions of Welfare Officer or Families Officer, these posts shall remain open until the Annual Election in early November. Interested volunteers, however, are encouraged to contact the GU President concerning his or her interest to become involved at any time.

General Information and Election Timetable

Wednesday 12th July Nominations open
Wednesday 26th July Nominations close at noon
Manifestos to be received by midnight.
Thursday 27th July Campaigning begins
Friday 28 July Extended nominations deadline
Manifestos due by noon.
Tuesday 1st August Online voting starts
Wendesday 2nd August Online voting ends at 8pm
Paper voting in the GU from 8pm to 10pm

The Returning Officer is Beth Bowers (GU President). Any queries should be directed to