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GU Elections: 2nd November 2005

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The elections for the GU Board for 2005-06 were held on Wednesday 2nd November 2005. Voting is took place online at from midnight to 8pm on Wednesday 2nd November. GU members were also able vote in person at the GU from 8pm to 10pm on the same day.


A total 272 votes were cast, and for all posts counting first preferences was sufficient to detrmine the winner. The elected officers and other candidates were as follows:

General Secretary
Elected: Christopher Handscomb
Other Candidates: none
Elected: Rachel Edgar
Other Candidates: William Bortrick, Paul Finley
Academic Affairs Officer
Elected: Liz Disley
Other Candidates: none
Welfare Officer
Elected: Beth Bowers
Other Candidates: Nathan Thomas
International Officer
Elected: Ulrich Hahn
Other Candidates: none
Social and Events Officer
Elected: Zeynep Gurtin & Katrina Robinson (stood jointly)
Other Candidates: none
Families Officer
Elected: Saad Khan
Other Candidates: none