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GU Referendum: 18th May 2005

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Question and Results

A referendum of the Graduate Union was held on 18th May 2005 to change the GU Constitution in line with the GU’s reform plans. The question put was as follows:

Do you accept the new Constitution of the Graduate Union [2005], drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the GU Working Party report “Ways Forward for the GU”, which was endorsed by the University’s Standing Advisory Committee on Student Matters and approved by the GU Council on March 8, 2005? (If accepted, the new Constitution will replace the current version and take effect from the date of the GU General Election in Michaelmas 2005.)

Results from the ballot are as follows:

Option Votes
Yes 534
No 22
Blank 42
Spoilt Papers 3
Total Ballots 601

Under the terms of the constitution in force at the time, a simple majority is required, with at least 200 votes being cast, and at least 134 in favour. Accordingly, the propsed constitution will be adopted.

Further Details

A special Open Meeting to discuss the proposed changes was before the hustings for GU Presidential candidates on Sunday May 15th, at 8pm in the Graduate Union at 17 Mill Lane.

If you would like to know more, you can read the GU’s report, Ways Forward for the Graduate Union, available from the GU at 17 Mill Lane or online. Please contact the President, Ruth, on if you would like to discuss the proposals with a member of the Executive.

GU Presidential Election: 18th May 2005

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Results for first preference votes are as follows:

Candidate Votes
Alex Broadbent 521
Re-Open Nominations 60
Blank 18
Spoilt Papers 2
Total Ballots 601

Alex Broadbent was therefore elected as the next GU president.

Election Timetable and Information

Voting to elect a new Grad Union president will took place in Colleges and some departments on May 18th. Following the late withdrawal of one candidate, voters were offered two choices on the ballot paper. Ruth Keeling, the incumbent GU president acted as the returning officer.

Saturday 14th May Nominations close at 12 noon.
Sunday 15th May Campaigning begins.
Hustings in the GU at 8pm.
Tuesday 17th May Further hustings in the GU from 8pm.
Wednesday 18th May Election day.
Vote in your MCR, the GU or in selected faculties.
See the list of ballot times and locations.